If you haven't bought a home yet, you're missing out on a wonderful feeling! That moment when you walk through your doors, throw your purse or keys on the floor, plop down on your couch and breathe a sigh of relief while thinking, "Finally, it's ours!" or "Finally, it's mine!" And the frustrated joy of looking at all those boxes, rolling your eyes at buying way too much stuff, then finally giving yourself a moment to take a nap because you worked hard to get here and earned it! Yes that's a real feeling!

We often hear about the cost effectiveness of home ownership. From the financial soundness of equity build-up as we approach our retirement years, to the plethora of other ways owning a home can be a positive impact on our bottom dollar. But we don't often hear about the emotional impact owning a home can have. Yes there will be days the fridge is acting silly and you need to see if that home warranty was worth it, or days you have to get outside to mow your own yard (YOUR lawn), but nothing beats the pride and joy of owning a home.

There is a sense of security, a sense of "this is mine and I worked my way up to this moment," that provides moments of bliss. The ability to do with your home as you see fit and the privacy it provides. It can't be beat.

Home ownership also gives you the ability to put down some roots—both figuratively and literally. You get to build memories, achieve milestones, and celebrate many a'holiday with your family, all of which have significance and build memories. Your neighbors become a part of your life as does the community within which you reside. A community of rentors are people coming and going, while a neighborhood of home owners are full of people invested in those who surround them. Deeper roots are planted with each potluck, every shared 4th of July and New Year's Eve get together, and though just a daily and yearly interaction.

Buying a home isn't only about the dollars and cents, it's also rooting in the satisfaction of owning something concrete that carves our your own place. It's about building memories. If you too have been longing for this, get in touch with a real estate agent, and make it happen. You owe it to yourself to make your dreams come true!