You don't blog already!?! What!?!

Okay, okay, we hear you, O Internet. We don't know about you guys, but we hear the refrain over and over again: if you aren't blogging somewhere, you really aren't utilizing all the tools available that can help you succeed in this business (Real Estate). So, here we are. We have jumped on the bandwagon and created this little blog.

Who are we?

We are Todd and Monica, husband-and-wife duo. We are both Realtors®. But we are also farmers. We live on our own little homestead, Tandem Farms. We raise sheep, chickens, honey bees, ducks, and our beloved dogs; and several stray cats (and raccoons!) that found their way into one of our sheds. The shed, with a cat/raccoon-sized hole in the bottom of the door, has thusly been dubbed "kitty paradise" (or more whimsically, "the cat house"). Those cats (and raccoons) have it made! One whole shed, filled with beds—heated in the winter, no less!—water, food … they literally have it made. They keep rodents away and we pay them back with room and board. Fair trade.

We have dabbled in real estate in some form or fashion for over 10 years now. Our first foray was as landlords and an investment property. We then became advisers to a friend with his own investment property. Eventually, we then took the next logical step …

Monica caught the realty bug in 2016 and finally decided to follow her dream of helping others find their own little slice of paradise. Then, after 2 years of Monica's endless stories and excitement about the goings on in her new role, Todd decided to retire from the corporate world and join her in this new adventure. While Monica focuses mainly on residential real estate, Todd has also become quite skilled in land deals. Todd's farming experience translated naturally to real estate where he brings a unique depth of knowledge that is surprisingly rare among brokers. Together, they formed Tandem Realty—aka the Tandem Realty team (T-and-M, Todd-and-Monica; see what we did there?)—proudly affiliated with Navigate Realty of Raleigh.

What might we post about?

Our goal is to make this blog personal as well as professional. I.e., we will endeavor to avoid endlessly pitching to you, dear reader, at every turn. Now, don't be confused, we love real estate, and being agents, we love what we do, and thus we will be sharing real estate posts about houses/land/home improvement etc; but we will also be incorporating all sorts of fun into our little slice of the web here by writing about things that happen here on the farm (the sheep can be quite comical), tips-and-tricks for the home, general thoughts and musings, and well … just about whatever we feel would be of value or interesting to you but also scratches our own personal expressive itch. Thank you for reading, and we hope you keep coming back to join us on our new journey!

-todd and monica